Elder Lorna Standingready joins CP

Elder Lorna Standingready


Converging Pathways is always humbled and honoured to work alongside circles of Elders, Knowledge Keepers and their oskâpêwis.  Elders provide guidance, personal consultation, active listening, support and mentorship, and a great deal of life experience and immense knowledge with specific expertise in culture, traditions, and ways of knowing and being.  Elder Lorna Standingready is a trusted renowned Elder and a dear friend that we are honoured to have journey alongside us daily.

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1491: The Untold Story of the Americas Before Columbus
Will I See?

Will I See?

May, a young teenage girl, traverses the city streets, finding keepsakes in different places along her journey. When May and her kookum make these keepsakes into a necklace, it opens a world of danger and fantasy. While May fights against a terrible