What We Do

As a result of Kallie's life journey, she chooses to move forward in this country to educate truth and reconciliation to Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. It is time for reconciliation for all Canadians; time for a step forward to improved relationships and increased opportunities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people through education.

Indigenous people have experienced seven generations of genocide through the residential school eras.  Indigenous people today are laying the foundation for the Eighth Fire (eighth generation) to be lit.  The generation to come includes those who make a choice of coming together for community, the environment and to fundamentally shift ways of knowing.

Converging Pathways Mission

  • Shed light on Canada's history of the Indian Residential School system and the multi-generational impacts left behind.
  • Reconciliation begins with "ME" thinking.
  • Storytelling, gift of voice for Q & A in talking circle.
  • Understanding of misconceptions, treaties and motivation of people for culture, spirituality and language needs.
  • Create a movement [not a commission or process] for truth, reconciliation and restorative justice.  A way to move forward together.
  • Building a sustainable business strategy that supports diversity for future growth and acceleration.
  • Bridging the gap that exists between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people with respect to emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of being.

Indigenous people are Canada's fastest-growing demographic. It is absolutely essential to work out Indigenous issues. From 1870 - 1996 Canada adopted a policy of forced assimilation to "kill the Indian in the child." Indigenous people have experienced seven generations of loss of language and culture where physical, emotinal, sexual abuse and neglect was common. It is time to light the "Eighth Fire".

"As Canadians, we share a responsibility to look after each other and acknowledge the pain and suffering that our diverse societies have endured - a pain that has been handed down to the next generations.  We need to right those wrongs, heal together, and create a new future that honours the unique gifts of our children and grandchildren."  Excerpt from Elders Statement and Vision Reconciliation Canada.

The Blanket Exercise

The blanket exercise is a teaching tool that will get you, for a time at least walking in someone else's shoes!

Explore over 500 years of history with us as we share the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples in Canada! The blanket exercise is a far cry from the social studies taught to earlier generations of Canadians based on the notion that North America "began" in 1942 when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

The exercise is an endeavor to learn the history from an indigenous perspective.