Indspire Education Gathering

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Indigenous education includes cultures, traditions, and histories in a reciprocal process that engages students, staff, parents, and community partners to collaborate for student success. It is important that all voices are heard and valued. Closing the gap in Indigenous education is critical for the future of Canada. The National Gathering is a place where educators and partners can share their voices and work together to improve the educational outcomes of K- 12 Indigenous students.

Chris McKee of Beyond Connections and I will be speaking on Nov 4th and 5th at this year's event in Toronto at the Royal York Hotel.

November 5, 2016 10:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. 

F10: Your Part in Reconciliation

Topic: Doing
Audience: All

The title “YOUR” draws attention that to have an OUR, we need a YOU… The entire presentation focuses on Truth and Reconciliation and the steps necessary for sustainable change and success . Kallie tells her story of residential school and 60’s scoop briefly and walks the audience through to today’s current reality for her people. Chris shares his story of misconceptions of Indigenous people due to being unaware and under educated in regards to the history. People need to be motivated to understand how the actions or consequences of yesterday effect our tomorrows. Education plays a significant role in helping children, young people, men and women to understand the past and contribute to a shared and more peaceful future. Then, Reconciliation is attainable.

Kallie Wood, Executive Facilitator and Aboriginal Director, Converging Pathways/Briercrest College and Seminary, Moose Jaw, SK
Chris McKee, Executive Facilitator, Beyond Connections Consulting, Moose Jaw, SK

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